Success! We got our check today! Thanks for your help.
— B.A., Treasurer, Texas

So the check arrived. Many thanks—you were right. I appreciate your efforts on behalf of my friend’s children. And for your success!
— K.H., Estate Executor

Rob, THANKS for your very comfortable provocations that have brought us to this happy outcome and your well informed professional guidance.
— C.L., Trustee of Church

We received the cheques today-thank you.
— P.P., Investor, Singapore

Great Job!
— S.P., Company President, New York

Thank you - we received the funds. I’ve chosen to have this message sent from my bank to confirm.
— J.Z., Estate Executor

UPRS has added significant value to the Estate.
— J.P., New York Court System

Rest assured I appreciate your efforts. Kind regards.
— J.M., Attorney for Client

Very good news, Robert, for which you deserve all the credit!
— J.H., Estate Administrator

The check just landed on my desk today. Thanks Robert, great news!!!!
— S.T., Senior Manager of Company

Robert, thank you very much for your help in overcoming numerous obstacles.
— S.M., Investor, Virginia

Robert, Confirming that the agency has approved the claim and the funds have been received into our account. Regards.
— D.K., Trustee

Thank you, Sir. I’m glad it got resolved. Happy Thanksgiving.
— K.B., California

Robert - the money went into our account today. Thanks for all your help. It was a pleasure doing business with you!
— J.M., Estate Representative, Canada

It’s been happy working with you, and you surprise me again by showing your Chinese capability. The communication was simple and clear. The result was satisfactory. Your value to your client is well understood. If you do find more that belongs to me, you are welcome to call me again.
— S.Y., Taiwan ROC

Dear Director Gelb — So all have been done. Best wishes.
— Z.Y., PR China

Thank you very much for all your efforts!
— R.H., Company General Counsel, Germany

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