UPRS contacted you because you are the owner of unclaimed funds that we have located.
We have the ability to recover this money for you.


Unclaimed Property Recovery Service:


We do NOT charge an up-front fee to use our services. When your unclaimed funds have been recovered,
we charge a fee of only 10% of the recovered funds. The fee includes the following:

  • 25 years of experience in performing prompt unclaimed funds recoveries
  • Dedicated personnel that will help you in every step of the claims process
  • Our strong relationships with the entities who hold unclaimed funds

We think you'll agree that 90% of something is better than 100% of nothing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.  What are unclaimed funds”?

A.  Unclaimed funds is a general term that includes any financial property that has been lost or misplaced by its owner for an extended amount of time. 

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  • Success! We got our check today! Thanks for your help.
    — B.A., Treasurer, Texas
  • I appreciate your efforts on behalf of my friend’s children.
    — K.H., Estate Executor
  • THANKS for this happy outcome and your professional guidance.
    — C.L., Trustee of Church
  • We received the cheques today-thank you.
    — P.P., Investor, Singapore
  • Great Job!
    — S.P., Company President, New York
  • Thank you - we received the funds.
    — J.Z., Estate Executor
  • UPRS has added significant value to the Estate.
    — J.P., New York Court System
  • Rest assured I appreciate your efforts. Kind regards.
    — J.M., Attorney for Client
  • Very good news, Robert,for which you deserve all the credit!
    — J.H., Estate Admininstrator
  • The check just landed on my desk today. Thanks Robert, great news!!!!
    — S.T., Senior Manager of Company
  • Robert, thank you very much for overcoming numerous obstacles.
    — S.M., Investor, Virginia
  • Robert, Confirming that the funds have been received into our account.
    — D.K., Trustee
  • Thank you, Sir. I’m glad it got resolved.
    — K.B., California
  • The money went into our account today. Thanks for all your help!
    — J.M., Estate Representative, Canada
  • Your value to your client is well understood.
    — S.Y., Taiwan ROC
  • Dear Director Gelb — So all have been done. Best wishes.
    — Z.Y., PR China
  • Thank you very much for all your efforts!
    — R.H., Company General Counsel, Germany

About UPRS

UPRS has been successful for 20 years in helping owners of unclaimed funds to recover their money.  In so doing, we abide by a set of guiding principles.


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